Zohra Abuzalaf

REALTOR® Associate

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It has been my pleasure to have Zohra Abuzalaf, engaged in purchasing our property in Honolulu.  From the onset she was extremely courteous and professional, helping us to understand the purchase process, reviewing and submitting multiple offers and finally helping us to close on our chosen property.
She was always available and promptly returned all inquiries and followed up with seller’s agents. We feel that this additional effort in following through helped us to get our home.
 From offer to closing she has been honest and fair.  We never felt uncomfortable in the process as she always kept us informed of our obligations and options.
 I would recommend her without hesitation and intend to use her for all future real estate matters in Hawaii.
 Chul Choi

 Zohra is a dedicated professional. She spent ample time educating me about the entire process and assisting me in getting the tedious paperwork completed. She spent time in getting to know me so she could best advise me on available properties. She went above and beyond the call of duty to transport me to escrow appointments when I could not drive and also arranged for meetings in other offices nearer to where I was staying. She also spent numerous hours trying to rectify the situation when problems arose and never gave up even though the process was frustrating at times. Zohra is a delight to work with and I will definitely work with her again and recommend her should the opportunity arise.
D Sato – Buyer
Zohra was very professional and devoted a lot of time explaining every detail of the process. She took the time to get to know us as clients and how to best sell the property. She also went above and beyond the call of duty to help move our belongings and clean the unit after the sale because I had just undergone major surgery. She fought for us in negotiations after identifying problems and helped to rectify the matter. Zohra is a delight to work with and she is dedicated to getting the job done. She had open house on Superbowl Sunday when other realtors did not and she also spent time coaching and advising us on how to best maximize our sale.
Debra Sato – Seller  
1)  Zohra met all of my expectations as a realtor.  I was very impressed with how she did not try to me to steer me in to moving in to neighborhoods that I wasn't interested in living, even though my present income didn't match the overall housing income for the area where I wanted to live.  Because we both keep our faith and believed I could,  l now own an home in the area where I desired to live in Kailua, Hawaii.
2)  I am a realtor in Chicago, IL.  I know exactly what my clients expect of me, exceptional service in every aspect of my profession.  I met Zohra initially via phone after searching for a new Century 21 realtor on the internet who could service Kailua. I was seeking a new realtor in Hawaii after I became extremely disappointed by the service I had received from two realtors I had previously worked with.  They didn't believe in me or listen to my needs.  Zohra did both, and from start to finish she actually was extremely effective in following each step in the process to make sure I had a smooth transaction from signing the purchase contract to the actual closing.  Zohra is a awesome negotiator.  She also worked with all parties involved to make sure we kept moving forward.  As an example, she attended a four hour inspection of my home in Hawaii while I stayed in Chicago.  I really wanted to be there but it wasn't possible.  After the inspection, she made sure the inspector called me while he was still at the home inspection and we reviewed all of the exceptions together via phone before I received an electronic inspection report via e-mail.
3)  I was really impressed with the fact that I was able to purchase a home 4,000 miles away from where I actually reside through e-mail and phone communications only.  I finally met all of the people who were involved in the transaction at the signing.  Zohra made sure the communications were very clear with all parties. she stayed in touch on her end to represent me in very way necessary.  All of my questions and objections were answered immediately via e-mail and phone.  She never failed to follow-up with me. 
4)  Zohra was extremely fair in all of her dealings with me.  Again, she never tried to steer me or convince me that I couldn't live where I really wanted too.  She just kept on searching for the perfect place for me that I could afford.  She was always there for me when I needed her in every way.  She cares about her clients and she represents what every realtor should be.  She is professional at all times.  She follows all of the rules.  She keeps her commitments.  She gets the job done.  She is an extremely hard worker.  She puts the business first many times in front of spending time with her family and friends.  She is by far the most dedicated realtor I have ever had dealings with in Hawaii.  God bless her!
Pamela Blackful
1) Professional Expectations: When Zohra started working with us, I do not think she had expected how much detail I expected from my agent.  Zohra soon found out that I wanted to know every aspect of the condo buying process.  She patiently explained every question I had thrown at her.  If when didn’t know the answer, she would find it and immediately get back with me.  She left no questions unanswered; a sign of a real professional.
2) Exceptional Service:  Zohra made sure that information flowed continuously.  Even though she worked multiple clients at the same time, never did I feel I was not getting the attention I needed.  She took my interest into consideration when picking out what properties to show me. No limits where imposed by Zohra in regards to what I wanted to see, even though she knew I just wanted to compare properties.
3) Thorough Follow-up:  Zohra made efficient usage of e-mail, phones, and personal contact.  Zohra understood the tight schedule I was under and made the process simpler by meeting with me, at my convenience, to take care of paperwork and all other needs.  If something was not understood or just lost in time, Zohra would track it down without hesitation.
4) Fair Dealings: Zohra always seemed to be looking out for myself interests, thus making sure no other parties took advantage of my lack of real estate knowledge.  She also made me feel comfortable to visit and explore any properties I wanted to see,  She made it clear that she was not going to be pushy nor was she doing this solely for personal gain.  After seeing other agents, through the other viewings, I’m glad I had Zohra on my side.  She didn’t push. She was straight forward and fair, attributes I respect in a Realtor.
I was pleased to work with Zohra and would recommend her to any of my friends as a fair, understanding and patient Realtor.
 Many Hoahs to Zohra.
C. Scharf - Seller & Buyer
Mrs. Abuzalaf is the most diligent realtor I have worked with. She pre-screened a lot of properties in person according to our criteria and when showing she pointed out honestly her concerns on the properties, without any urge to push into transaction. She helped us strategically negotiate the best price we would like to offer. She also assisted us in remodeling the property after the close. Overall, Mrs. Abuzalaf rendered the best service far exceed our expectation for a  real estate agent.
Mrs. Abuzalaf possesses high ethical standards in her profession. She was always a few minutes earlier for our scheduled appointment, spoke honestly to both sides of the transaction in pursuing a fair and win-win situation to both parties. 
Y. Xu